4 factors to building an effective team

 Before the President or Director in the composition of the team starts, we should pay attention to several factors very important, in order tobe an effective team and distinctive.
These factors are:

1- confidence
You are the Commander, then you must be grown in your teamconfidence in themselves and in the entity to which they belong.The most serious threat to the entity team and dislocate their columns are lost confidence, questioning the ability of individuals to carry out their duties and their belonging to the group.

The successful team must spread confidence among its members, and must ensure that the work of the group will help them achieve their goals,and they together will do the impossible and making lots and lots.

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2 - give everyone the right to interest and appreciation:

 Effective leader understands well that the instinct of humanity have always looked to who cares about and appreciates, so don't neglect never appreciated and all members of his team.This is not and as it should urge the members of his team to pay attention to each other as well.

3 - full discipline:
  Staff will not succeed in his mission unless the team members a genuine desire and serious to participate in the required termination of work, and it is necessary to clarify the team's mission for members and explain the reasons for choosing each member, with an emphasis on members of the necessity to be Mrihan to express their feelings with regard to their participation in the mission, and try to address any reservations they may have another. And preferably it shows the team members rewards and incentives that will be provided in the case of successful completion, and to make sure that Members know that the service within the team may be expressed to the more challenging tasks.

4 - Belief in the importance of cooperation:
Collaboration, and put hand in hand, and we do accomplish and produce more, we must believe in team work this matter.And all of us must be aware that the interest of the team above the individual, and that the collective success is the goal and objective.

When aware of the team these four tools to build a team, and when these factors become an integral part of their lives, they will be more powerful and effective, because their team is based on the forces can stand in the face of any problems or setbacks might hinder the way, team spirit will go towards all the success that is not bounded end.

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