Keys to Success 3 : the skill

The ship's engine malfunctioned and the captain tried to do everything he could to fix it, including the appointment of the best experts in the field of the steamers, and failed allhis failures. In ahdalayam, during the discussion of the captain of one of his aides about the same problem someone approached
 him and said to him, "sorry to bother you, I see that the steamer off 10 days ago, and out of curiosity I asked one of the crew told me that its engine malfunction and needs to be fixed. Do I still need one does fix it? " ... And without hesitation, the captain said, "Yes, why do you ask?". Individual men saying "I do" ... And surprisingly appeared in the captain so that this person did not look for any signsthat an alia steamers ... And captain took him to the place of ship engine and legacy and continued watching from afar ...He drove the man out of his pocket a small hammer and started knocking on the engine blows various different and could hear, and touch the engine and the consideration to the possibility of different engine, and finally a motor part ways and link the nail was loose and surprised the captain the ship engine began to work again and the captainbecame very happy and asked "How do I do this?" 

The man replied with a smile and "skill". And the captain handed a paper written by only one number"one thousand dollars". The captain considered the paper and said to him,"thousand dollars for work for ten minutes. Please explain this to me And the man replied and said "gladly" and other paper hand to him "one dollar versus the motor road hammer and $ 999 for I knew precisely where you must do it in the road"! From this we see that the skill of this guy reverted it with $ 1,000 in 10 minutes.

There are those who say that there is a link between success and knowledge or skill,but it is only a matter of luck. But let me tell you "if I threw you in the sea and you can't swim, I assure you that you will have a delicious meal of fish"!World records and said American writer gimron "having knowledge or lack thereofcan constitute our destiny"Francis Bacon said, "knowledge is power itselfThe more knowledge you have be visible among the people and they ask you what you think about their problems and are waiting for you advice.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "If someone can write a better book than books or to preach better or even to make a trap for mice better than that when his neighbor, and then builds in remote wilderness, people will arrive successively to receive knowledge".

Knowledge is power, and by the knowledge that you will be creative and you will have more opportunities to become happy and successful. With knowledge rises degree your intelligence and unfolds the mind of skyline and new areas.Knowledge is of two types: learn or know the source of the information.

I personally believe that we can learn from anyone and anything anywhere. I have learned from school and I thought this is enough, then I learned from the University and I thought that this was enough, but I discovered that learning is a continuous process lifetime is as long as we stayed alive, and there is an opportunity to learn more and for a better life every day, so I never missed any opportunity to learn anything new, I learned from nature the time course is impossible, and that hope always exists In Sunshine Sun and better tomorrow. And I learned to fight andpatience and determination of the Ant who doesn't stop working.

Did you know that we are today, more than ever, we all have ways and means of obtaining knowledge. Lectures, studies by correspondence and official study through which you can get a PhD. Any access to knowledge has multiple ways and variety.

There is a search conducted in America showed that teenagers spend about 39 hours a week in front of the tv while the adults about 30 hours per week. Imagine?This means that most people have the concern is watching tv and then complain so much that they are successful and don't have time to read. If you used this time to learn and master new skills they can become rich and happy, so you do not work
the employer pays you money in Exchange for your time, but it pays you for the value of your time, so some people up to a six-figure income, and there are also get the minimum wage. You can increase your income by expanding your knowledge and information, and through  the value of the services you provided.

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