Keys to Success 4 :Visualization

   Attainments and achievements today are the Visualization and dreams of yesteryear.If you thought about it a little and you look around and noticed high-rise buildings and large ships and aircraft, and if you notice your surrounding things like Phone and computer and fax, television and photocopiers and radio, you find that everything has its day was one day dreams and fantasies of people..Visualization is the starting point for any success, and is the primary factor for any achievement and the most beautiful thing in our imagination and our dreams as limitless.

George Bernard Shaw, said " imagination is the beginning of innovation." In a television interview with  Boxer Muhammad Ali was asked about how he arrived to excellence in boxing. His response was "I learned long ago that being a high efficiency is not sufficient, but must have the imagination
 and dreams.

  Also, Walt Disney began the work of animation in his home and was in the beginning with his partner, but the company soon failed and declared bankruptcy, and as a result, Disney sold everything they owned and bought a one-way ticket to California and stay with him barely $ 40 plus the nipple, then established a new company in California and encountered several obstacles, and suffered from depression twice and tried to borrow from friends, but failed several times, And looked around it mocks, but never surrender and continued in his dreams and his attempts to become dream truth today worth billions of dollars. And he himself has said, "you can dream it you can achieve it."

Since everything happens lasting in mind first, so when you see yourself as successful and strong and be able to achieve your goals and believes in it in your heart and feel it inside your feelings you will create your dream self force and will help your subconscious abilities which no limits to achieve 
your dreams.

Now, what is your dream?

What is the thing bargained for more than anything else in this world?

Perhaps your dream is to start your own work or to travel around the world or writing a book or so possibilities of a new invention idea was fermented in your head and you always defer the implementation of the idea.

There are great ideas die even before they breed, and so for two main reasons:

The first thing to prevent people from achieving their dreams is the so-called "sweet poison" and may risk this name in my mind when I went to the zoo, I saw a snake and very beautiful, and wrote on the motherboard installed on the snake house "risk" .. and was surprised how It is something beautiful in this form contains such a deadly poison inside.

As for people in "beautiful" will poison coming from their enemies, where they complain of others to try to tear down them, but the opposite is true in "sweet poison" comes the people around them and interested in their friends or neighbors or even family because they provoke them every reason for it to fail, and how they will be prone to sarcasm and ridicule if they implemented Some people can criticize our dreams out of jealousy, and often criticize dreams without consciously based on their values and personal beliefs regardless of our values  we , and although their advice be honestly grown from inside but cause a lot of mischief just like beautiful snake with deadly venom.

The second thing and the main obstacle that prevent you from achieving your dreams is you yourself. Dr. Robert Schuller said in his book the power of ideas "the only place where your dream becomes impossible is in your thoughts you personally"

Do you remember any time you want to do something, and you say to yourself "I can't do this "and convince yourself to leave this dream. What prevents you or me or prevent anyone from achieving your dreams? And the answer in twowords "safety zone"

"The safety zone" is about things that see for long enough and many times and feel comfortable and secure when you repeat them again, and if we have idea or dream hole from the security zone we would be concerned, discomfort, and we will discuss the reasons for which this idea will succeed, 
and give you numerous reasons why this idea will succeed, but the only one who has thepower to accept or reject what you are told.

Start today and dream big dreams.
Read about the Stories of successful, and I feel Bnajehhm, and imagine yourself check their achievements, warn of thieves dreams, warn the "sweet poison" does not give the opportunity to anyone and not even for yourself or anything that to claim or robs you of your dreams .. Let your
 imagination swim at whim because the imagination has the power that can help you change your life.

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