Keys to Success 2: Energy

When you are on a high degree of enthusiasm, high energy ... Isn't it? Motivation provides you with energy, but you always need something besides motivation to generate a large amount of energy, and in this part I will guide you to the greatest means that you can increase your energy in an efficient manner.

People can be categorized into three types as I think :

The first type:

      Are people successful in all respects. Working hard and smart and eat healthily and exercise exercise regularly and always make enough time for them and for their families and ystioun to live healthy and balanced lives.

Type II:

       Are people who focused on their success and their major goal in life is to work hard and expand employment and wealth creation. Indeed they thrive physically, but that success comes at the expense of other areas of their lives For example, the system is unhealthy food, smoke, drink tea and coffee addicts,
 listening and maybe abusing alcohol and rarely have time to engage in any exercise and permanent complaint that there isn't time for anything other than work and they are always busy because of work commitments.

Type III:

       This kind of people is living his life in a vicious circle is a group that starts her day with a cigarette and a cup of coffee and then begin their fight with traffic back to work andcome back another day to home to deal with the fastest meal to eat regardless of nutritional value and watching television until victorious them sleep.Understanding with the cigaretteand coffee throughout the day, and rarely think ofany sport, and after all that mourn theirfortune on their weak and deterioratinghealth.

    These three types of people exist everywhere in the world, to the point that some traditionalists in America found that one of every two Americans die of cardiovascular disease and one out of three die of cancer these people fall in the trap of upgrading their lives rather than live actually lives, said Georges
Bernard Shaw "a healthy mind in a healthy body, you must upgrade both to live a healthy life."

To find out together now are energy thieves:

First energy thieves: it digestion

    Did you woke up the morning after a deep sleep for 6 or 8 hours or up to 10 hours and still feel tired? ... If that happens, one of the main causes is poor digestion. It may be dealt with a hearty meal and went to sleep immediately afterwards, in this case the body is awake and engaged in the digestion of fatty meal which was devastated by the strength, and  the same thing happens when dealing with a great meal at breakfast, over 80% of the  blood tends to stomach to help digestion, and if addressed another meal in four hours you are straining your body too much which causes lack of energy you have.

The second energy thieves. Is concerned:

    When they feel unsafe for anything work-related or social relations, and remain permanently thinking about this thing. What happens is that the actual energy will plunder a part of physical and emotional energy even fed the thought process, andtherefore feel that your energy is low.

The third energy thieves. Is stress:

    When you strain yourself too much you will feel tired and feel a lack of energy.

How to increase our energy?

 There are three main types of energy : physical, mental and emotional.

Physical power:
 Consists of breathing and diet and exercise.

Mental energy:
  When you have a specific goal you want to achieve is usually excited and havegenerated very high
 energy. Identifying goals and determination to achieve them are the primary source of mental energy.
You should start writing your goals, and confirm for yourself Nick you can achieve these goals. And in this way increase the level of mental energy.

Emotional energy:
 Programs such as yoga and physical seizure of meditation and the "Tai Chi" are excellent ways to increase emotional energy, and could get similar benefits to the benefits of this software at no cost, and sit in a quiet place,breathing softly, feeling his way of breathing, and imagine your body swimmer in the air up and down with your breathing, movement and thought in man she loved doing it, and you will feel tranquility with high emotional energy.

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