Keys to Success1: Motives

Keys to Success : Motives

The first key : Motives  

 Do you agree with me that we are without our desire is not motivated to do anything.When you have motivation and psychological motives have more enthusiasm and more power and better understand, unlike if you down don't have the energy and focus your attention towards the  negatives only and the result is a deterioration in performanceBut what is the motivation? Whatis their origin? And how
 could havemotivated? And more importantly how keep staying with us? This is a subject we discussed in this section.

The source came from the Latin word (Matere) and Means moves, and dictionary (webster) the word motive as the thing that drives human action or movement.

The story: a young man went to a wise for China to learn from him the secret of success, and asked him, can you remember me what is the secretof success? ٌ... Wise Chinese replied 
softly and told him the secret of successis the motivation of the young and asked him where the 
motivations?  " Wise Chinese replied from the burning desiresand with astonishment asked young 
how have burning desires ?...ٌAnd here the wise Chinese permission for several minutes and returned with
 a large pot full of water, and the young man asked, "are you sure you want to know the source of burning desires? "... Young eagerly replied, "of course".because there weren't any strength can stop you "He asked Wise approaching the water container and considered, and considered the young man into thewater near and suddenly  Wise pressure with both hands on the head of a young man and put it in a bowl of water! Several seconds passed and the young man did not move, then began slowly comes out of his head,and he began to feel strangled began strongly resists even managed to redeem himselfand remove the head from the water and then looked wise and angrily asked, "what is this you have done?" and it still retains its cool and his smile asking "what did you learn from this experience?" said the young man did not "learn something"considered wise Chinese saying "Oh no I have learned a lot, built during the First seconds you want to rid yourself of water, but your motivations were not sufficient to do so, and then you always wish to rid yourself began to move and the opponent but slowly so that your motivations have not reached the highest levels, and finally became the flaming desire you have to rid yourself, only thenyou succeeded because there weren't any strength can stop you "He said Chinese wise smile quiet ": when you have flaming desire for success, no one can stop you".We conclude from this that the desire is the first rule for success, desire is seeding the land of success, and the secret of success is desire .

And we find three types of motivations :

- The first type is stay motivated:

They stay motivated is forcing man to satisfy basic needs such as food, water and air, so that if there is a lack of any basic needs, there is a fundamental human motivation within the alert brain nervous regarding this shortcoming,with the rapid movement of human physical activates neurons and has become a motivation for action necessary to satisfy this deficiency, and achieving that return the body to its natural state.

And to clarify: Let me ask you, while you cross to a highway glimpsed one of the lorries heading suddenl
on your part quickly, what would be your choice?
Of course there willbe full speed, right? And if you just came home after a stressful working day, and you don't have the energy to do anything, and I decided to relax in front of the tv screen, but suddenly I heard one shout "fire ... Fire, what would be  your choice? Tabaastghadr place as soon as possible!!! But from where I've come to this energy that was lacking? Reply it's become vigilant and strong.

And from it whatever way your life if you stay vigilant and will be threatened would be stronger
 momentum to save yourself. And you can imagine if you have this kind of enthusiasm always how will
 be your strength and how much better results will accordingly.

- The second type of motivation is external motivation:

This kind of motivation is exported to the outside world, as an excellent lecturer, friends or family or magazines or books or superiors at work. Etc... external motivation problem they fade quickly.

Let me ask you: did you attended any lecture in order to activate the psychological motives? If the answer is "Yes". How much excitement about a week after the lecture? ...

 And how much enthusiasm a month later then six months of lecture? ... Of course the degree of enthusiasm in the lower right?

Unfortunately human relies heavily on external motivations even feel appreciated by his superiors and his  friends and family, we always need the consent of others and love always be appreciative and want people to consider us a look of respect until we value ourselves and this may be a reason sometimes act does not apply to actions with our desires and make things not necessarily emanate from us.

- The third type of motivation is internal motivation:

This kind of motivation is the most forceful ones and survival so that intrinsic motivationbe directed through your inner self that lead you to achieve great results.

Interior motives are the reason the average person to do things higher than the normal level and up to great results. Are the forces behind human success. Is the difference that explains variation in people's lives. They force you to grow flowers yourself instead of waiting for someone to offer you shall. Interior motives is the light that radiates from ourselves. 

Are the sleeping giant inside waiting to wake him up.

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