Self confidence : Daring or lack of literature?

What is "daring" and its relationship with "self-confidence"

"Audacity" in reality are said and done right without fear of anyone, and is indicative of the spirit of courage and "self-confidence" and "strength of character". But unfortunately, few literature betrayed the mask of "daring" and became the person assaulted or speaks insolently called bold and has the"strength of character". And licences that circumvent few literature use the mask of "daring", "freedom", the freedom of expression and freedom of criticism.

Every human being has the right to cash was right or wrong; because the man is either desirable or something Esthjnh. It is normal to have an opinion that there is nothing wrong under the pretext of human criticizes the statement and "self-confidence", but criticism by cynicism and contempt or insults and verbal abuse in the name of daring is ignorance and ignorance!
 It is a way unclean and inhuman. The Cynic critic or Ahatm in fact does not carry people to understand his mind and convinced him as far as he knew himself to Doakhlh and meanness. Often differs from human cursing him in a silly way of thinking, Fterah interfere with the qualities and Tabaiah, form and way of sitting or gait or other trivialities that people do not increase it only averse and it is not considered "self-confidence".

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Criticism and "freedom" and "self-confidence"
In this way criticism Ka indicated not "self-confidence" and sheep is a form of satire, if the critic systems vindictive verses of satire and Farazdaq and Jarir competed was good for him to be called "daring and insolence" to deceive people by the name of "freedom".
"Freedom" which expresses the highest meaning of existence, this "freedom" does not mean freedom of honesty, truth, justice, morality. So Emanuel knows (as human independence from anything but the moral law).
 Usually associated with true "self-confidence" .

Lack of literature or "self-confidence"

They claim it's "daring", but is in reality rudely and "low literature"! Unfortunately some people have walked the walk, they approach this level, and they talked about length and the Castle. What it is, that's who they call"bold" with culture and science or who called the writer and Dr. Allan! Find

a modern talking ignorant educated, not looking for disadvantages people highlighted and uses flimsy arguments weak, exhibits non-decent road route science learnt alleging "self-confidence". Becomes a pen that is the best tool for good way to infuse the evils if asked science to tell you that from experts!
Therefore, the true image of man is morality but is the first diplomas, identity and personal identity card. This is a clear indication of the lack of"self-confidence"
"The lack of literature", whether the word bad or unjust criticism or the art of falling or otherwise can't influence people even became masked by mask, because people are affected by speech sincere and kind words which derives its strength from the heart and "self-confidence". A few rogue literature in Audacity does not comply with its owner to create, not to mind, and the so-called mind mind only because her sense of what is not worthy of the words and deeds.

No honor nor the value of the word without the sincerity and the secretariat  at the beginning or written. "Audacity" and "self-confidence" does not depart from the limits of tact and literature does not mean abuse and defamation and the absence of minds and morals.

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