What is the best muscle building exercises or fitness?

  Some people prefer to do fitness exercises outdoors, while others prefer 

registration in Club to strengthen muscles, but what are the benefits of

each type of risk to humanhealth, and can combine them helpful or harmful?

Confused a lot of people who want to practice the sport of choice among

 fitness exercises or muscle strengthening, and wondering which is better

 for human health and what is the optimal duration for doing exercise?

 Answer to these questions is not always easy because each type of

sports has its advantages. But for starters, arguably is, whether one

chooses to walk or run in the park or engage in bodybuilding Club

that will benefit health and help strengthen immunity against diseases.

Prevention of cancer

Studies have shown that muscle strengthening exercises or fitness training 

bothreduces blood pressure. It should be noted that these studies found

 no difference in blood analyses, although made to persons exercising

different sports.

And appeared on all persons interviewed experience a slight improvement

 in cholesterol in the blood sugar level also have also declined. These studies

 concluded that the fitness and bodybuilding provide protection against

 heart disease and artery and prevent type II diabetes and cancer as well.

But for people who don't want to just improve their health, but sports a

 higher rate and density than they take decision on the sport they want

 to exercise, fitness exercises lead to burn more fat but not contribute

greatly in building muscle. By contrast, consumes the body of athletes

practicing bodybuilding exercises a lot of energy and burn fat even

 when you relax.

For bodybuilders is another benefit, "in addition to muscle strength also 

muscle density grows significantly," says Michael Berenguer, Professor

 at the Institute of exercise science at the University of Cologne, Germany.

For each type of benefits

In many cases, health experts recommend combining physical fitness 

exercises and strength. 

Scientific analyses have shown wide in 2012, that combining two effective 

than only one type only, as the body loses more weight at the same time,

the practice of both types of protection from injury and especially at the

 level of the back because of muscle strengthening exercises.

But drew more athletes during exercise their diversification, because a lot

 of fitness training impairs muscle building and strengthening, in contrast,

 did not affect muscle exercises to perform circulation.

"The combination of fitness exercises and power leads in six to seven 

weeks, first to strengthen the muscles just as occurs when only the sport

of bodybuilding", explains researcher Patrick sports. 

But it also underlines that the then declining muscle mass, clearly because 

of fitness exercises.

Whether bodybuilding or fitness exercises, experts emphasize the important 

issue is that sport alone is insufficient to reduce weight if not accompanied

 by a healthy diet. And sometimesincreases the weight of some junior

athletes despite exercising aerobics, they actually burn fat but at the same

 time increasing muscle mass.

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