What is charisma...How to become a charismatic?

What charisma: charisma Greek origin word means gift or divine preference, it refers to the large and overwhelming presence gravity enjoyed by some people, is the ability to influence others positively link them physically and emotionally and culturally, extraordinary authority, personal charm, personal 
raise loyalty.

Despite the difficulty of finding a precise definition of this word but it can be associated with certain personal and say that the charismatic has abnormal abilities in leadership, persuasion and other families, they also feature the ability to inspireothers when you contact them, attracting more attention than usual.

Who is the charismatic?

That person is here to stay in memory, never forgets, whether we like it or hate it enormous abilities are boundless, notably the control. When the offset of interestsince at first glance. His ability to stay in your memory and your senses and feelings.Once that sits with a group of people or converse, it draws attention to, and be the focus of attention of the onlooker. And even more so that each sees or chafing him trying to keep his actions probably unconsciously or perception in many cases.

It's very social, energetic man, witty, lovable, adores the challenge and change, not standing in front of something, deep thoughts, his attitude and a certain ideology, self-confident, capable of persuasion.

And charisma might show politics (as in Guevara's personality and Kennedy and Clinton and Churchill and Gandhi and Mandela) or in the area of religion, or sport (as Michael Gordon Beckham and Zidane) or sensations (such as Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson) as there is a very large proportion with movie stars (to call them Hollywood journalism degree title of demigods. Although the old theories were believed in divine charisma and her adjacent person from birth, but recent studies have proven beyond a doubt that
charisma is thebehaviour and actions of learning and acquisition with perseverance and diligence.

It has been estimated by Professor Richard Wiseman of natural charisma part by about 50%, while the rest isacquired by practice and learning. Professor Richard Wiseman also explained that there are three factors that makecharismatic personality:

-The sense of deep feelings.
-Ability to pass feelings towards others.
-Immunity against external charisma.

How to become a charismatic?

Ziegler has emerged in his book provides peak performance (Top Performance) discussed by both Stanford and Harvard University and founder of karnidg. This research shows that85% of the reasons for getting a job (and then maintain and progress) is related to the skills and knowledge of individuals in communication with others (not technical capabilities) so that it can recognize the importance of personal development and develop their capacity in dealing with others.

Some thinkers have managed to extract a set of factors constituting the charismatic. Despitethe ambiguity that surrounds the charisma but he can characterize (or steps) one approaching more charismatic whenever they collect more and performed perfectly and serious upheaval. With these qualities comes we research and analysis (book of charisma hierarchy):

1.Never Imitate Others

2.Self Confidence


4. Get in touch with your emotions

5.  Match your body language to your speech

6.Think before you speak

7. Speak with conviction

8. Treat people as they want to be treated


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