Entrepreneurship : How to exploit the bug to learn from it


      If you are wrong in your life then you are not going to become an entrepreneur never, the error is the real friend of every successful man, so that he knows to walk steadily,march towards success and glamor.

    All successful people in life, already caught in the number of errors thathave made their careers seem more honest, and therefore more successful.

 A true entrepreneur is exploited the  error to learn from him,and in his heart to a turning point in his life.

 Here are some sayings that drives learning from error and thus advance to complete success:

  – Director is not sitting in an Office, or receive the highest salary in the enterprise, but the Director is the person capable of stimulating working with him all the time, anywhere.

  – Who do not forgive others destroys the bridge that may need to pass it someday when making a mistake and asks them to forgive him.

 – Wise thinking minds, and idiots think the minds of others.

 – If you had to choose one of two things, but you did not do, that in itself selection.

 – Wise is directing his wrath toward the problems to find solutions, not towards humans to give them excuses.

 – Life is a question of choice between multiple bouquet, followed by a difficult question essay.

 – From angry he is completely well  deals with poison, and waiting for others to die.

 – All human beings make mistakes, but only wise men are the ones who learn from their mistakes.

 – Leaders are at the forefront of see them, they are the first to know all the new, and the first to rise to the responsibility, and be the first to wake up in the morning.

–  Cast your anger in a sea of trouble, and insisting on the wrong keeps you there.

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