Important steps to restore your mental


       Are some steps and simple tips that you can restore your mental, intelligence, and agility through development of mental abilities, no longer passing normal IQ tests is the only gauge to determine the level of intelligence, but it became more detailed, it has become a success in work, social life, personal relationships and excellence and attendance and reaction speed and imagination of things that determine the level of intelligence and contribute to its assessment significantly.

  Here are some tips and steps that improve mental capacity, and improve he work of memory and increase the ability to absorb and analyze things  logically:

 -  Moderate physical activity on a daily basis:

  Get adequate sleep at night is very important , taking care to sleep for an hour in the middle of the day, the scientists pointed out that sleep at night not enough because the mind gets tired of the accumulation of information, and is in need of a bit of comfort to rearrange the information acquired.

- Spices help to save memory:

  Make sure to eat the spices especially turmeric in India and Thailand less  than rates of deterioration of mental abilities significantly because they accept to eat plus a range of spices consisting of turmeric, cumin and coriander.

 The importance of reading:

   Reading is important for memory training and fun, and if you are a fan of reading you must read one book just in General, or hearty novel.

- Accreditation on the memory as much as possible:

  Relying on memory cells remembering activates, you can dispense with the phase-out of pen and paper to give a chance to the memory to save phone numbers and important dates, it is possible to perform simple calculations also without relying on a calculator, remember the numbers of things that stimulate memory cells.

- Away from the use of means of communication:

Must from time to time and again that total reliance on the use of mobile telephones and laptop and the iPad and other modern technological devices that reduce the adoption of a person on the mind and memory , it may seem difficult at first, but on the contrary, this procedure stimulates the mind even for a short period.

– Try learning a new language:

To learn a new language is very useful for cells of the mind, Learning generally increases the ability to concentrate, due to the acquisition of information stored in memory and then recalling it again, which It activates memory and increase efficiency.

- Eat a piece of dark chocolate a day:

They are a source of happiness and reduce feelings of depression, and reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease because they are rich in flavonoids and antioxidantsalso help reduce harmful cholesterol and thus saves of atherosclerosis primary cause of poor memory.

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