Keys to Success 5 :Act (part One)

  "Knowledge alone is not enough, must accompany the application. And the willingness is not enough we must work "  GoetheIt is possible to fill you with enthusiasm, and have high energy, and have the mental strength and knowledge you need to succeed. But that did not put all this into practice, all of these skills will be worthless.

Jim Ron in book 7 ways to happiness and prosperity "knowledge withoutexecution can lead to failure and frustration"

Now let me ask you a question. Do you know someone thinks he knows exactly what to change his life and also know when to do this job, but hecan't do anything?. Do you know anyone with a high degree of education and has everything needed to live a better life, but he sits without work?

And vice versa. Do you know anyone on a modest degree of education orperhaps didn't get any certificates, but very successful?.. The difference is in one word is "actSocrates said "pain in people that have abundant knowledge but do not act"

There is a Chinese wisdom says, "I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand" and if we apply this wisdom, we find that Bill University in America conducted research was the result we remember 10% or less of which we hear, 25% of which we see and 90% of which we are doing.

  Asked the President of a successful company in time for anyone who needs to succeed and reach the  Summit .. his response was, "As long as you convinced that the idea in your mind Ped implemented immediately."And former US President Jimmy Carter said "it is possible to wake up at nine in the morning and be resting or wake up at six in the morning and I'm president of the United States."

That human begins with hope and dream it something beautiful, but if I dreamed it must be implementation and without hesitation ..The knowledge and hope things Beautiful, and they alone are not enough. And unfortunately most people live far from their personal life and really
 do not like it, engage in and continue relations Pain and cause them instead of searching for a solution to their problems attending only to the complaint.


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