11 Things you should test before reaching age 30

     The age of thirty comma stage at the age of everyone of us is where is the age interval between young adulthood and maturity stage and many of us likes to test some of the exciting things Here are some experiences that you should try it before you reach the age of 30:

1. Travel to completely secluded, such as climbing the highest peak of Mount place you can link to it or traveling to a remote place very far from the communication in general.

2. Running in a marathon until complemented by half.

3. parachute jump from the plane.

4-learn to dive and go on a diving trip in the deep sea,

5. Try singing karaoke with your friends in the studio.

6. Travel to a foreign country not mastered the language on your own to experience it fully deserves to be experienced.

7. Some time in some volunteer activities that you do without against the disease.

8. If you own a car Take it on a tour through the entire country and you will meet many people and know every province in the country better.

9. traveled to a country where falling snow and try skiing on the ice.

10. Try to attend a major sporting event like the World Cup match or any other huge sporting event.

11. mastered any manual skill such as carpentry or sculpture.

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  1. Discovering a new ability is one of the most exhilarating and confidence-boosting things you can do...Life gets more complicated when you’re older. People pair off, and it becomes more difficult to make plans. You become more committed to your job and have less free time.

    1. Yes , that's true what you said CATHERINE
      Thank you

  2. I have tried quite a few of these activities and I am not 30 yet. However, I will never jump out of a plane, not even I would be offered a million dollars.